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S13 Engine Bay Cleanup Plates

S13 Engine Bay Cleanup Plates

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Unfortunately when buying a new car, the previous owners might have done some questionable things. One thing we noticed most is the engine bay being cut up to fit intercooler piping. Sometime people cut square holes for a round pipe, or sometimes they cut very rough attempts at a circle. Theres even been some cases where the battery tray has rusted all the way through. These plates essentially give you a fresh start to your bay. Maybe you bought a car that once had a turbo and now it doesnt. Or maybe you'd like to "start over" with making a nice clean cut hole. Options: These plates come in either aluminum or steel. The aluminum ones can be riveted (recommended) or screwed. Milled, black, or white. The steel ones can be riveted (recommended), screwed, or welded. Unpainted. Can come with hole cut for intercooler piping and lined with edging to protect the piping from damage and scratches.


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