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Turn 5 Fabrication

Ka24DE Valve Shim

Ka24DE Valve Shim

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Brand new OEM Nissan valve shims for Ka24DE. Too many different part numbers to make separate items on. Please choose from the options below.

PN: 13229-53F00 1.96mm

13229-53F01 1.98mm

13229-53F02 2.00mm

13229-53F03 2.02mm

13229-53F04 2.04mm

13229-53F05 2.06mm

13229-53F06 2.08mm

13229-53F07 2.10mm

13229-53F08 2.12mm

13229-53F09 2.14mm

13229-53f10 2.16mm

13229-53F11 2.18mm

13229-53F12 2.20mm

13229-53F13 2.22mm

13229-53F14 2.24mm

13229-53F15 2.26mm

13229-53F18 2.32mm

13229-53F20 2.36mm

13229-53F21 2.38mm

13229-53F22 2.40mm

13229-53F23 2.42mm

13229-53F24 2.44mm

13229-53F60 2.46mm

13229-53F61 2.48mm

13229-53F62 2.50mm

13229-53F63 2.52mm

13229-53F64 2.54mm

13229-53F65 2.56mm

13229-53F66 2.58mm

13229-53F67 2.60mm

13229-53F68 2.62mm

13229-53F69 2.64mm

13229-53F70 2.66mm

13229-53F71 2.68mm


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